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Connecting climate change

disruptors since 2020.



At the forefront of climate technology talent acquisition, Interv_l is the catalyst connecting forward-thinking organisations with exceptional professionals, propelling sustainable technology advancements.

Since 2020, we've been renowned for identifying sustainability champions deeply committed to climate technology. Immersed in the field, our team stays abreast of the latest trends, successfully scaling businesses across all departments for organisations innovating in sustainable solutions. From graduates to Chief Sustainability Officers, we possess the expertise and network to unearth your ideal candidates.

Our mission to end climate change is more than mere placements; we cultivate enduring partnerships for success in the ever-evolving landscape of climate technology. Join us on the journey towards saving the planet in our own unique way.



Initially restricted to new clients, our finely tuned contingent model is meticulously crafted for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Operating with no upfront costs, charges are only initiated upon the successful placement of a candidate.

Our proven success in this process often acts as a catalyst, inspiring clients to explore our contracted recruitment services. We consider this offering as an introduction to a long-standing partnership, providing companies with a glimpse into how we swiftly and efficiently scale sustainable businesses.


We take on the role of the exclusive recruiter for your business, this is a highly favoured option with our clients. In this integrated partnership, we go beyond standard services, providing value-added benefits like training, process implementation and review, full lifecycle management (aligned with your current company processes), and the dedicated support of a Specialist Recuitment Consultant.
While there are no upfront costs, it's essential to mention that, owing to the exclusive nature of this partnership, we operate for you at a discounted fee, in return for being your sole recruitment service. This ensures you receive premium services tailored to your unique needs.


Our retained recruitment process is metrics-driven, employing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to meticulously evaluate performance. Engage in specialised projects, including diversity initiatives, passive market talent pooling and engagement, and strategic measures to ensure our clients critical vacancy is filled with highly qualified candidates. With our retained recruitment service, we aim to elevate your talent acquisition strategy to new heights, ensuring a seamless and effective partnership


Interv_l Group was founded by Stuart Middleton with a single overarching vision: to seamlessly connect exceptional talent with forward-thinking companies in the realms of smart mobility and cleantech. Our mission transcends traditional recruitment; it's about sourcing the perfect candidates to propel the crucial progress that will safeguard our planet and our way of life.

Emerging as the go-to recruiter in smart mobility and cleantech sectors across the UK, Europe, and globally, Interv_l has established itself as an industry leader. Our seasoned and dedicated teams have been instrumental in guiding world-class companies through both their inception and expansion phases. More than just providing individuals, we cultivate enduring relationships with our clients, enhancing their businesses through strategic consulting services. At Interv_l, we're not just shaping careers; we're influencing the future of sustainable innovation.


We create partnerships that empower us to skilfully scale businesses together _

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